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Famous Guests of the Monte Vista
Hotel Monte Vista
During the years between the 40's and the 50's well over a hundred movies were filmed in and around Northern Arizona. With exceptional lodgings being few and far between, the Monte Vista became the hotel of choice for headlining Hollywood stars, colorful characters and other notables. Over the years the list of famous guests has grown and continues to do so even today.

Mary Costigan: (rm.105), the first woman licensed to operate a radio station in the world, which was run out of The Monte Vista.

Bob Hope: (rm.204), film star and comedian.

Michael Stipe: (rm.205), lead vocalist of rock band "R.E.M"

Zane Grey: (rm.210), famous author of wild west novels including "Riders of the Purple Sage"

Bing Crosby: (rm.213) film star. "White Christmas"

Michael J Fox: (rm.216), television & film star, "Family Ties" "Back to the Future"

Siouxsie Sioux: (rm.220), lead vocalist of the bands "Siouxsie & the Banshees" & "The Creatures"

Esther Williams: (rm.224), legendary synchronized swimmer & film star

George Babbitt: (rm.301), former Arizona Governor

Air Supply: (rm.303), Australian soft rock band

Barbara Stanwyk: (rm.304), television & film star. "Big Valley" "Double Indemnity"

Jon Bon Jovi: (rm.305), lead vocalist of the rock band Bon Jovi

Gary Cooper: (rm.306), film star "The Pride of the Yankees"

Debbie Reynolds: (rm.307), film star, singer, entertainer. "Singing in the Rain"

Alan Ladd: (rm.308,309), star of many western film classics such as "Shane"

Robert Englund: (rm.310), actor. star of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series as Freddy Kruger

Carol Lombard: (rm.311), star of classic comedy films

Jane Russell: (rm.312), film star, philanthropist. "Gentleman Prefer Blondes"

Lee Marvin: (rm.401), actor, "the Magnificent 7" and "Cat Ballou"

John Wayne: (rm.402);" The Duke", famous american actor of many western classics.

Freddy Mercury: (rm.403), lead vocalist of the legendary rock band "Queen"

Spencer Tracy: (rm.404), actor. "Adam's Rib"

Walter Brennan: (rm.405), actor. "The Westerner"

Clark Gable: (rm.406), actor. "Gone with the Wind"

Cornel Wilde: (rm.407), Nominated for an Acadamy Award for his
performance in 'A Song to Remember'

Humphrey Bogart: (rm.408,409), actor. "Casablanca" & "The Maltese Falcon"

Anthony Hopkins: (rm.410), actor "Silence of the Lambs"

Gene Tierney: (rm.411), actress. "Son of Fury"

Indeed The Hotel Monte Vista is a place where the stars have always been treated to a wonderful and comfortable stay. Catering to their every need.
You can stay in the same room!

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