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The Hotel Monte Vista's Permanent Guests

Rather than scaring travelers away, the reported ghost stories have attracted a variety of guests. The Hotel Monte Vista has been featured on television programs, national publications, and numerous books.

Reported Hotel Monte Vista Ghosts

The Bank Robber
In 1970, three men robbed a nearby bank & during the robbery, a bank guard shot one of the men. Despite their injured comrade they decided to stop by the hotel lounge and have a drink to celebrate. The wounded man bled to death while enjoying his last drink. Since then both patrons and staff have reported being greeted by a an anonymous voice saying "Good Morning!" There have also been reports of barstools and drinks that seem to move on their own.

The Women of the Night
Years ago Flagstaff's Red Light District could be found just south of the railroad tracks, only 2 blocks away from the Monte Vista. In the early 1940's two prostitutes were brought to the hotel to room 306. During their "visit" they were killed and thrown from their third floor window to the cold street below. Over the years, numerous guests have reported being awakened in the middle of the night and unable to return to sleep due to a feeling that they are being watched. In most instances, it is our male guests that report the feeling of having a hand placed over their mouth and throat, and awakening unable to breathe. After they awake, these guests say they found it very difficult to return to sleep due to an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness and a sense that someone is "keeping an eye" on them.

The Phantom Bellboy
Hotel guests have reported a knock at their door and in a muffled voice, someone announces "room service". When guests open the door, they find that no one is there. Some guests however have seen the figure of a bellboy standing outside of room 210. John Wayne experienced this ghost while he was a guest of the hotel. Mr. Wayne reported that the ghost seemed friendly, and that he did not feel threatened at all by its presence.

The Little Boy
Some guests have seen the image of young boy wandering the halls of the hotel. Some guests say that they have had this young ghost touch their hand! His voice can sometimes be heard as if he is walking behind you. Guests who have seen this ghost have said it looks as though he may be speaking with his mother.

The Meat Man
This bizarre long term boarder was known by his strange habit of hanging raw meat from the chandelier. In the early 1980's he was found in room 220 three days after his death. Not long after his death, a maintenance worker was doing repairs in the room. Needing a new fixture for the repairs, the employee left the room, turned the lights off, and locked the door. Upon returning, only a few minutes later, he found the television on with the volume full blast, and the linens on the bed had been ripped and scattered around the room!

The Rocking Chair
Once featured on the television show "Unsolved Mysteries" room 305 is by far the "most active" room in the Hotel. There are numerous reports of seeing a woman in the rocking chair near the window. Also guests and housekeeping alike report seeing the chair "move by itself"! History tells us that years ago an elderly woman who was a long term renter would sit by the window for hours on end. No one knows what she was looking at or looking for. Could it be she was waiting for someone? Someone she waits for even in death.

Baby in the Basement
The disturbing sounds of an infant crying in the basement have been heard again & again. Reported primarily by maintenance & laundry personnel, this is possibly the most disturbing encounter reported in the hotel. Staff have found themselves running upstairs to escape the sound of the cries. Though the sounds are very real to those who hear them, there has been no information that has explained this phenomenon.

The Dancing Couple
On several occasions lounge staff & patrons have witnessed a transparent couple dancing in the Cocktail Lounge. They are seen in formal dress laughing and smiling, eternally dancing.

The Voices
The staff at the Old Post Office (OPO Salon) have heard voices & seen figures moving in the building for years. No one is quite sure who these shadowy visitors might be.

For years housekeeping have reported problems with light bulbs being unscrewed, or on some occasions completely removed! While this may be frustrating for the staff this is rarely a problem for out guests. However, if your lights don't work, check the bulbs!

Hotel Monte Vista Ghost Photo
Actual Ghost Photo taken by a guest
The Phantom Bellboy

Images: don m. peavey

Stories of the Hotel Monte Vista being haunted have been circulated for decades. To this day reports of starange activity occur. The reported hauntings have been researched by various paranormal investigators and experienced by many Hotel Guests.
The next story may be yours.

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