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The Historic Hotel Monte Vista

Concept Art for The Hotel Monte Vistra
Hotel Monte Vista as imagined in 1920
Courtesy of NAU Cline Library - NAU General Photograph Collections
Item: 4681, Call no.: NAU.PH.98.69

When tourism was on the rise during mid 1920's local residents agreed that Flagstaff needed first-class accommodations. Existing hotels were old and outmoded. Fundraising began in April of 1926, and within one month investments of prominent citizens and funds donated by the novelist Zane Grey, totaled approximately $200,000. Ground was broken on June 8.

1926 Groundbreaking Ceremony
Monte Vista Groundbreaking Ceremony
Courtesy of NAU Cline Library - Blanche Riordan Chambers Collection
Item: 7388, Call no.: AHS.0021.00024

Construction plans tied the 1917-1927 Post Office and incorporated the existing structure that housed The Coconino Sun, which is now the Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge, together with the hotel. The tallest building in Flagstaff, the 73 room hotel, originally named the Community Hotel opened on New Years Day, January 1, 1927. The hotel was then renamed by a contest winner, a 12 year old school-girl, who entered The Monte Vista Hotel. The Monte Vista continued on to be the longest publicly held commercial property in America until it was sold to a private individual in the early 1960's, and continues to be the longest lived operational hotel in Flagstaff. Listed on the U.S. Registrar of Historic Places,

Hotel Monte Vista in 1946
Hotel Monte Vista Circa 1946
Courtesy of NAU Cline Library - Fronske Studios
Item: 1651, Call no.: NAU.PH.

The Hotel Monte vista is truly one of the high country's treasures.

Interesting facts about The Hotel Monte Vista

A Historic Radio Station
Mary Costigan
Mary Costigan was the second woman in the World to be granted a radio broadcasting license in 1927. Her three hour radio show aired daily from her studio here at the Hotel Monte Vista room 105.

Costigan Photo Courtesy of NAU Cline Library - Troxell/Carson Collection
Item: 8371, Call no.: AHS.0774.00011

Bootlegging and Prohibition
Bootlegging and Prohibition
A major Flagstaff bootlegging operation was put to an end by local officials in 1931.
The main speakeasy in town was The Monte Vista Lounge.
Gambling History
The only slot machines ever in Flagstaff operated in the Monte Vista during 1935-1940 by locals Fred Nackard & Rex Gobel.
Safety Signal Saves Town
A light on top of the hotel served as an emergency signal for Flagstaff in the 30's. Flashing, it would alert the local authorities and citizens of calamities around the town.
Hollywood Recruits at the Monte Vista
Hollywood Recruits at the Monte Vista

In its heyday, the Monte Vista housed several employees who gained national popularity. Shoeshine attendant Gregory Martinez, and porter Isaac Henderson had amassed such a reputation for the friendliest service around, that they were both offered parts in Hollywood films! Both men cheerfully declined and chose to remain on the hotel staff.

Monte Vista Barber in High Regards
Barber Samuel Canainas, who worked out of the hotel for over 12 years, was once flown to Phoenix upon special request to cut President Harry Truman's hair!
Hotel Monte Vista's 80th Anniversery
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