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Rendezvous Coffee House/Martini Bar

Rendezvous Coffee House and Martini Bar

Rendezvous Coffee House and Martini Bar

Rendezvous Coffee House and Martini Bar

The Rendezvous Is Now Open Every Day
From 6:30 AM to 2:00AM

Welcome to Rendezvous in Hotel Monte Vista. Prepare yourself for the ultimate experience in beverage!

Martini Bar.... Coffee Bar... Your Bar...

Rendezvous features the finest and most extensive selection of spirits in all of Northern Arizona. Proudly serving Intelligentsia Coffee & Teas and David Rio Chai, our professional and entertaining baristas and mixologists are waiting to amaze and delight you.

Romantic, Intimate, Warm and Inviting, the Elegant Atmosphere of Rendezvous will excite all your senses as you discover the colorful culture of Historic Downtown Flagstaff.

Rendezvous in Hotel Monte Vista... Handcrafted and Delicious... Who will you Embrace?

100 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001
phone: 928-779-6971Hotel Monte VistaHotel Monte Vistatoll free: 800-545-3068Hotel Monte VistaHotel Monte Vistafax: 928-779-2904
Hotel Monte Vista