1926 – 2026

100 Years In The Making

Composition by Rosemary Dery

In commemoration of the upcoming 100-year anniversary of the Hotel Monte Vista!

When tourism was on the rise during the mid-1920’s, local residents agreed that Flagstaff needed first-class accommodations. Existing hotels were old and outmoded. Fundraising began in April of 1926, and within one month, investments of prominent citizens and funds donated by the novelist Zane Grey, totaled approximately $200,000. Ground was broken on June 8.

Towering above the corners of Aspen and San Francisco Streets, The Hotel Monte Vista stands just off historic Route 66 as a true touchstone for all of Flagstaff and her citizens. With the mountains and nearby canyon countries, The Hotel Monte Vista is your place to relax while you explore all of the natural wonders Northern Arizona has to offer.


Artwork Prints

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